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About TMF

Who we are....

Tour Mind Factor is a collaborative transatlantic partnership between two of the most innovative golf coaches in the industry. Karl Morris (The Mind Factor) and Randy Joyner (Tour Techniques) have combined their 20+ years of experience working with Tour players to craft a holistic approach to playing golf that can benefit golfers of all levels. Based on their observations of  the best players on the planet, Karl and Randy have identified the key skills - both physical and mental - that golfers of all levels need to master in order to play better golf. By incorporating the same drills, tips and techniques that they use with Major Champions and Tour winners,  Karl and Randy created Tour Mind Factor with the mission of bringing tour caliber coaching to golfers everywhere.    

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Why we're different...

First and foremost, we are coaches and not swing instructors. We do not teach a "swing method" that we ask all our students to adopt Instead, we work with our clients to help them understand how they need to move the golf club to execute a certain shot and how they need to think in order to perform at their best on a golf course.


Secondly, we believe that we should train in the same envionrment in which we play. This means that we like to coach on the golf course in groups whenever possible - and not on the range one-on-one.


Lastly, everything we teach is tour-proven based on Karl and Randy's 20+ years experience of coaching the best players in the world. The techniques, drills and philosophies that we use are the same ones that are being used by major champions every week to play their best.

What we do...

At Tour Mind Factor, we offer the highest level tour caliber coaching in a variety of different formats:

Tour Experiences

These are coaching events that can be customized based on the specific needs of the client. Ranging from a half day to multi-day events, these experiences provide participants with the techniques and knowledge to start playing better golf immediately. TMF offers a sereis of one day events out of their Ballantyne CC location but also travels throughout the country offering experiences at other locations. 

Destination Experiences

Our Destination Experiences take our clients to the finest golfing locations throughout the US and abroad where they get to spend several days with TMF coaches providing them Tour level coaching and attention. Don't ruin a once in a lifetime golfing experience by struggling with your golf game - TMF coaches can ensure that you not only maximize your enjoyment on your trip but return home a better golfer than when you left! All travel arrangements can be made via our travel partner, Fairways To Heaven.

Multidisciplinary Experiences

For the ultimate experience, let TMF create a truly custom event for you pairing golf with another complimentary discipline. Spend a day at the race track or an airplane simulator learning how to operate a race car or fly a plane and follow that with a day at the golf course using the same skills to improve your golfing performance.

Tour Mind Factor Certification

Designed for teaching Pros or anyone looking to take a deeper dive into the specifics of what we do, our annual certification course held at Ballantyne Country Club, will provide you with the knowledge to grow your business using the TMF techniques developed by Karl and Randy. As a certified Tour Mind Factor coach, you will be able to participate in our Tour Experiences as a coach and lead your own Tour Mind Factor events.

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